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Lotus Tribe is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to a conscious living model of co-existence, creativity and heart-centered education. We're here to ensure that future generations and communities across the globe have access to education, outreach and human-needs resources that promote holistic well-being and community prosperity.

"If we can change the way our children see the world and each other, teaching them that they are powerful enough to create the world they want, then we can truly change their future for the better." Michael~ Creative Director

What is Education of the Heart?

artwork by Mark Wagner

Education of the Heart encompasses what has not been taught in mainstream education. It teaches all to listen to their heart and soul's true calling, to live, breath, and act from the wisdom of the heart. While the mind is the crucial servant and executor of this wisdom, creating a balanced relationship within that allows for life to flourish is the focus.

The heart is the dwelling place of spirit,
where love is the rule above all else.


Multi-dimensional Lifelong Learning

There are ten main areas of interest that we feel are important to twenty-first century learning and education. Within each subject area the other subject areas are represented, making it extraordinary. There is math in music, art, and in science, and you can find music to be scientific as well as cultural; every area is inter-connected and dependent on the others, much like our natural systems in life.

Our multidimensional studio and setting is designed and co-created to enhance both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in young children, youth, adolescence and adults alike. It is our belief that we each possess unique intelligence(s) through which we learn new knowledge and master skills differently. Methods, tools and materials used throughout our center and it's community, are vital components that represent the whole of nature and our world within a multidimensional  universe.

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Education of the Heart is a global education initiative and movement for co-creating a peaceful world and compassionate society that respects life in all forms. We are using a radical strategy to cultivate love and reverence to creation, not only within communities but in teaching these important values to young children from an early age.

You too can help make the world a better place, support this global initiative by donating, become a memebr, spreading the word and signing the petition.