Over 30 Years of Productive Creativity

At Organic Digital Art we work to emphasize the artistic elements in a digitally dominated industry. Our beginnings pre-date the arrival of computers on the scene when most graphic elements were created by hand. We have a thorough understanding of all aspects of media and marketing that allows us to target and capture the attention of potential customers. The digital world has reduced the attention span of potential customers down to a few seconds and we have learned in order to keep them engaged long enough to provide them with the information they seek and keep them from moving on, an emotional response is needed and art is the key to making this happen...
Organic Digital Art to be specific ;~)

Creative Solutions . Website Design . Wordpress
eCommerce . Development & Maintenance
Logos . Corporate Branding . Graphic Design for Print

We also do presentations, music composition and production, audio and voice over production.

Recent Projects

With a little direction or none all at, we can take an idea and grow it into something special. From the corporate to the mom & pop, from an empty canvas to complete redesign, we've been there and done that.

Garcia street Club
Chris Berry Music
Garden of Sensual Delight
Armstrong Horsecare
Stranske Farms

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